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Friday, 12 October 2012

WebSphere Application Server Interview Questions Part-1

1.What is WebSphere?

   WebSphere refers to a brand for IBM software products. It is designed for setting up, operation and integration of electronic business applications. These applications could perform well on cross platform environment. These set of software are java based web technologies.

WebSphere is a set of Java-based tools from IBM that allows customers to create and manage sophisticated business Web sites.

2.What is master repository?

  Deployment manager contains the MASTER configuration and application files. All updates to the configuration files should go through the deployment manager.

3. WebSphere packages?

    Express, base, network deployment

4. Diff b/w 5.0 and 6.0?

   Web Sphere Studio 3.5, comes up with Visual Age for Java. WSAD 5.0 supports J2EE 1.3 java specifications. RAD 6.0 supports J2EE 1.4 and integrated with Eclipse 3.0, UML Visual Editor, Tomcat Jakarta, Ant scripting, EJB universal test client and SOA tools.

5. Diff b/w Weblogic and WebSphere?

  Both BEA Weblogic and IBM’s WebSphere provide J2EE based application servers which are competitors. WebSphere leverages more on connectivity issues with MQ and legacy systems with strong dominance in J2EE.

6. What are the different JMS providers available in different WAS versions? 
   WAS 6 
   WebSphere Embedded Messaging 
   WebSphere MQ 
               V5 Default Messaging 

                                           WAS 5 
                                           Generic JMS Provider 
                                           WebSphere JMS Provider 
                                           WebSphere MQ JMS Provider 

7. What is JavaBean?

  A JavaBean is a Java Object that is serializable, has a nullary constructor, and allows access to properties using getter and setter methods.

8. What is the profile?

  Profiles are a set of files that represent a websphere application server configuration.

9. What is the application server?

  The application server provides a runtime environment in which to deploy, manage, and run j2ee applications.

10. Why use the boostrap port number?

  Client applications use the bootstrap port to access websphere’s built-in object request broker (orb) to use enterprise java beans in applications installed on the application server. The java naming and directory interface service provider url used by the client application needs to reference the bootstrap port to obtain an initial context for looking up ejb’s it wants to use. (For communicate two servers)


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