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Thursday, 25 October 2012

What is JDBC, Jdbc Provider and Data Source and JNDI

1. What is JDBC ?

JDBC is an API (Application Program Interfaces) , that is useful to write a java program to connect any database, and retrieve the data for the database and utilize the data in the java program.
Making a connection to a database
Creating SQL or MYSQL Statement
Execute that Sql or MySql queries in the database

We have 2 types of Jdbc drivers in WAS, Those are type 2(think) and type 4(thin/native protocol)
type 2 driver require the database client software on the client node to connect to the database server
type 4 driver connect directly to the database server

2. What is Data Source ?

Data Source allow to you to manage a pool of connection to a database
Data Source is handle to which database you want to connect , it is a communication between database and
client or end-user

3. What is Connection Pool ?

Connection pool is a place where a set of connection are kept and are used in different programs without creating connection to the database, after using the connection he can send back that connection to the connection pool

4. What is Jdbc Provider ?

It is a database provided by the vendor which database we have to use like mysql , oracle etc..
This details given by the client or vendor

5.What is JNDI ?

Java Naming Directory Interface Service is used to register the resource hosted by server's
JNDI gives unique name for every server
It is implements on the top of CORBA (Common Request Broker Architecture)


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